3D Heart Flower Card for Valentine’s day

3D Heart Flower Card

A tabletop 3d heart flower card can be an excellent gift from a child for Valentine’s Day. The postcard looks impressive, the steps to create it are easy and understandable.

What you need for creativity:

  • Double-sided colored cardboard;
  • Colored paper;
  • Glue stick, scissors, simple pencil.

3D Heart Flower Card Step by Step

Prepare a square piece of cardboard of any desired color. The size is also at personal discretion, but you should take into account the age of the child, since cutting out many small flowers can be difficult. It’s another matter if you have a figured hole punch, with which you can make flowers in a matter of minutes.


Fold the cardstock in half to mark the fold as it plays an important role in creating this card.

Open the cardboard. You can immediately draw a heart on cardboard. But it’s better to cut out a template for yourself, then trace it on a piece of cardboard with a simple pencil. In any case, the heart should be positioned so that the fold line runs approximately along its center.

Trim the part of the heart above the fold.

Fold the cardboard in half, with the heart facing up. The base of the card is ready.


Cut out flowers of any shape from colored paper. Don’t make them too big, as it will be difficult to create a heart.

Press down each flower in the center with a pencil and lift the petals. You can also raise it after the flowers have been glued.

Glue the flowers along the outline of the heart, along the edges cut off at the top and to the bottom drawn corner. Try to glue so that you get a heart shape. The 3d heart flower card is beautiful even in this form, but it can also be supplemented with various decor.

3D Heart Flower Card

3D Heart Flower Card

3D Heart Flower Card

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