3D Paper Fish Craft for Kids

3D Paper Fish Craft

A simple 3d paper fish craft for kids step by step. We create a colorful underwater world with our own hands, using cardboard and colored paper.

What you need for creative work:

  • Blue cardboard for the base on which the craft will be located;
  • Colored paper (yellow, red, orange, green);
  • Some white paper for bubbles and eyes;
  • Black marker;
  • Compasses, glue, scissors, hole punch.

3D Paper Fish Craft for Kids Step by Step

Let’s start with the fish. Cut a strip of paper.

Apply glue to its edge. Please note that the glue craft area is wide enough, as this is the future tail of the fish.

Fold the strip in half and glue the ends together. There is no need to press in front, the paper should form a smooth roundness.

In the tail of the fish, make small cuts at the top and bottom.

Fold the corners inward to form a triangular fin shape.

3D Paper Fish Craft

Flip over to the other side. Glue or draw eyes with a felt-tip pen, and also add a smile, a fin.

3D Paper Fish Craft

Make several of these fish in different colors.

3D Paper Fish Craft

Prepare seaweed. These are several thin strips of green paper.

Curl the strips at one end with a pencil.

Cut out a large circle from blue cardboard, place fish, algae on it, if desired, complete the work with white bubbles. They can be cut with a figured hole punch or on your own. Alternatively, draw with a white marker, white gel pen.

3D Paper Fish Craft

Everything, the 3d paper fish craft for kids is ready.

3D Paper Fish Craft

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