3D Paper Tree Craft

3D Paper Tree

It is not at all difficult to make a beautiful 3d paper tree out of paper. Follow the instructions, use the template provided, and you will have a branched, lush crown, a real chic tree.

Materials for work:

  • 4 sheets of brown cardboard;
  • 1-2 sheets of green colored paper;
  • A simple pencil, scissors, glue stick.

How to Make a 3D Paper Tree Craft?

Download the template from the link or draw any tree with branches in the root and crown area. It is important that both sides of the tree are completely symmetrical. Therefore, if you decide to draw your own version of the tree, fold the paper in half, draw one part of the tree, cut it out and you will get exactly the same sides.


Cut out 4 blanks according to the template from brown cardboard.

Bend each in half exactly in the middle.

And then start assembling the plant into a single whole. To do this, first glue 2 blanks in the area of ​​the bent halves, and then two more. You need to glue everything, both branches and roots, but so far only use one half bent.

3D Paper Tree

You will already have almost a tree, even two. But this is not the end of the work, because we need a lush and voluminous paper tree. Therefore, glue together both parts, in the area of ​​the remaining sides.

3D Paper Tree

It will turn out such a fairly dense and very stable tree. It is a little gloomy, but, in principle, like all trees without leaves. But we’ll fix it.

Draw a small leaf of the desired shape. It can be oblong, rounded, absolutely any. You may prefer to make an autumn tree, and for this, replace the green paper with yellow, orange. Fold the paper from which you will cut the leaves into an accordion, and then also this accordion in half, and cut out many leaves at once.

Glue them to the tree, on each branch, wherever there are large voids, to get a lush and sprawling crown. 3d paper tree craft is ready.

3D Paper Tree

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