Accordion Paper Bear Craft

Paper Bear

Accordion paper bear is a great and simple craft for kids. It’s a popular technique; on its basis you can make lots of amusing animals and birds.

The following materials are used for the craft:

  • Brown cardboard;
  • Orange cardboard;
  • A writing pencil, compasses, scissors, a glue stick;
  • Felt pens.

Accordion Paper Bear Step by Step

Making the Body

The bear’s body consists of long strips of accordion-folded cardboard.

Cut 2 strips along the whole longer side of A4 paper. If you need a large bear, you should cut two more strips and stick them to the first ones. Or you can use larger paper right from the beginning so that you can cut strips at once. The strips’ width depends on the bear size. In this master class it is 2 cm.

Apply glue onto the tip of a strip and attach another strip to it to form a right angle.

Start folding an accordion by moving the strips one onto another in rotation. For example, start with moving the lower upwards and pressing it, then follow with the right strip, etc. You don’t need to use glue at this stage.

However, after both strips have formed an accordion, you should glue the tip.

Draw and cut out doubled paws. The upper part should be slightly wider than the accordion so that the bear can look thickset and clubfooted.

Stick both parts to the front and back of the accordion, and the body will become stable.

Paper Bear

Making the Head Paper Bear

The easiest way to make the bear’s head is to use common circles. After all, even small children can draw a very realistic bear using small and large circles.

Use compasses or stencil to draw and cut out:

  • A large circle of brown cardboard that will make up the bear’s head;
  • Two small brown cardboard circles – for ears;
  • Orange circle – for a snout;
  • If you want, you can make a small accordion neck using the same technique as for the body. In other words, use thin and small strips.

Glue the ears and snout onto the large circle head, draw half circles in the ears, a nose, a smile and eyes. You can use paper for the latter or stick purchased moving eyes.

Accordion Paper Bear

Final Stage

Stick the neck to the body with the paws. You can do without the neck, but it makes the craft look more amusing and attractive.

Accordion Paper Bear

Attach the head to the neck and the accordion paper bear is ready.

Accordion Paper Bear

By changing the head and paws shape, you can make lots of various animals.

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