Accordion Paper Bunny Craft

accordion paper bunny

The accordion paper bunny looks extremely funny and cute. What’s more important, it couldn’t be any easier to craft it. Within a short time period, you can make lots of hares of a variety of sizes and colors.

For this work, the following materials were used:

  • White paper;
  • A writing pencil, scissors, a glue stick, a ruler, a black felt pen.

You can use white cardboard to make the head with ears and paws.

Accordion Paper Bunny Craft Step by Step


Cut two strips out of white paper (or of any other color you like). They should be2 cm wide and 29 cm long.

Glue the strips ends together at a right angle.

Fold the strips and place them one by one on each other until you reach the very end. Stick the tip and cut the excess paper if there is any.

The accordion body is complete. Use the same method to make a small neck, taking white strips that are 1 cm wide and 3.5 cm long.

Final details

Cut an oval head with long ears and 4 paws out of white cardboard or paper.

Attach a small accordion to a large one – in other words, the neck to the body.

Attach the head atop of the neck, having drawn eyes and a snout on it beforehand. Pull the neck gently to make the head point slightly forward instead of being directed upwards.
Glue the front legs in the center between the accordion folds and the back ones at the bottom. Look, what a cute accordion paper hare we have made.

accordion paper bunny

Experiment on sizes and colors; let the kids demonstrate their creativity.

accordion paper bunny

Someone may want to give a carrot to the bunny or make the front paws in the form of accordion as well. Alternatively, this hare looks quite cute even with no paws.

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