Accordion Paper Crow Craft

Accordion Paper Crow Craft

We are replenishing the collection of paper birds, and this time it is a accordion paper crow craft. An interesting craft for children, a useful technique for developing fine motor skills, perseverance and logic.

What was used in the work:

  • Double-sided black paper (you can take black cardboard);
  • Yellow and white paper;
  • Black marker, scissors, ruler, glue.

Accordion Paper Crow Craft: Step by Step

To make the body look as harmonious as possible, you will need two long strips of paper. Usually the accordion is the same width, but in this variation, the top should be somewhat narrower than the bottom. Therefore, cut off strips that expand by a couple of millimeters. For example, the length of the stripes is equal to the longer side of the A4 paper. The width of the strip on one side is 2 cm, and on the other – a maximum of 2.5 cm.

Glue two strips perpendicularly in the region of their wide parts.

Next, start making an accordion in the usual way: point the bottom strip up and bend, then bend the top strip to the left. That is, how to layer them alternately on top of each other.

Go to the ends and glue. The body of the accordion crow is complete.

Cut out three triangles from yellow paper or cardboard, correlating them with the body, which will be the beak and paws of the bird. Also prepare white paper eyes and two black wings.

Accordion Paper Crow Craft
Glue the details to the body, the accordion paper crow is ready.

Accordion Paper Crow Craft

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