Accordion Paper Ghost Craft

Accordion Paper Ghost

Funny accordion paper ghost step by step. Easy way, interesting idea. A template is included to help.

Materials for creative work:

  • White paper;
  • Sticky eyes (as an option – homemade from paper, painted, plastic);
  • A simple pencil, felt-tip pens, a ruler, glue;
  • Ghost template.

Accordion Paper Ghost Step by Step

On white paper, draw the outline of the future ghost. To make things easier, use the attached template. But even without it, it is absolutely not difficult to display this funny character, which can be a good choice on the eve of Halloween.

In the center of the paper, draw two parallel lines at a small distance from each other. Draw a slightly curved dome on top (it may even be of a completely different shape). Draw a wavy tail at the bottom. Separately draw simple handles.

Cut along the outline.

Accordion Paper Ghost

Turn the entire body area into an accordion. Starting from the neck, fold a small fold forward and then back until the body strip ends, all the way to the tail. The folds themselves can be both quite large and very small.

Glue arms outstretched to the sides on the sides of the body, add eyes, draw a smile and a nose. Everything, an accordion paper ghost is ready.

Accordion Paper Ghost

It can be used as a single craft, or as a garland, which can become a team work.

Even more ideas in the heading — crafts for Halloween.

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