Accordion Paper Heart

Accordion Paper Heart

For Valentine’s Day, kids can easily make an accordion paper heart to delight their friends and loved ones.

The technique is easy, interesting and useful. A similar motif is often used in children’s creativity and develops fine motor skills and imagination.

What will you need for work?

  • Red or pink colored paper;
  • Compass;
  • Scissors, a simple pencil, a ruler;
  • Glue stick.

Accordion Paper Heart Step by Step

Using a compass or any round object, such as a saucer, draw a circle. Mugs can be of different sizes and shades, for example, red or pink. Cut them out.

Cut off the sides of the circle from different sides. It is convenient to first draw parallel lines with a pencil and then cut them off.

You can immediately start creating an accordion, but the heart will turn out more beautiful if the corners are slightly rounded.

Make an accordion, starting from the wide side of the oval. Fold the fold forward, then turn the sheet over and repeat the process again.

And so on until the entire area of the oval sheet is used. The accordion is ready.

Determine the middle on one of its sides and bend it in half.

Apply glue to the side folds in the middle and fasten the sides. Straighten out the wrinkles.

Accordion Paper Heart

That’s it, it turned out to be such an accordion paper heart.

Accordion Paper Heart

Hearts can be of different sizes, down to the smallest.

You can use them to make a beautiful bouquet in the form of an collage. To do this, you need to draw green stems and glue hearts at their tips. The leaves are beautiful both drawn and in the form of an accordion.

Accordion Paper Heart

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