Accordion Paper Insects Craft

Accordion Paper Insects

Accordion paper insects are interesting creative activity for. All sorts of funny characters are obtained from them: little men with movable arms and legs, animals and insects. Here is one of their types we will do today.

Craft materials:

  • Colored paper in black, yellow, red;
  • Moving eyes;
  • Glue stick, scissors, pencil.

If moving eyes are not available, you can make them out of paper. Cut white and black circles or ovals of different sizes and glue. In this case, black pupils do not have to be in the center, if they are placed obliquely or converging inward, the view of the insect will be even funnier.

Accordion Paper Insects Step by Step

Cut two strips of black paper 2 cm wide. The length can match the wide side of the paper. If your paper is short, you can cut out 4 strips and glue two by two, increasing their length.

Lubricate the tip of one strip with glue and glue the tip of the other to it at a right angle.

Then stack them, alternating, one on top of the other, until you reach the end.

The last fold must be glued. If there is excess paper, cut it off. You get such an accordion made of paper.

Give the insect a face. Glue eyes, a smile cut out of red paper, a thin mustache. The antennae can be bent forward, backward and even to the sides.

Glue the resulting head to the accordion.

Accordion Paper Insects

Cut out two yellow stripes and round one side of them. These will be the wings.

Glue the wings on the back of the head and press them against the back.

Accordion Paper Insects

These are the cute and funny accordion paper insects we got.

Accordion Paper Insects

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