Apple Turkey Craft — Fall Craft for Kids

Apple Turkey Craft

A great idea for an fall holiday is an apple turkey craft. The craft looks catchy, colorful, original.

What you need for creative work:

  • Large beautiful apple;
  • Leaves of various shapes. For the tail, the larger ones are maple; for the wings, they are small;
  • Brown cardboard for head and paws, yellow cardboard for beak, red paper for snood;
  • Plastic eyes, scissors, adhesive tape.

Apple Turkey Craft Step by Step

Cut out a pear-shaped head with a long neck from brown cardboard. Also prepare simple three-toed paws, a fairly large beak and snood.

Glue small details on the head.
Take an apple and make a small incision in the petiole with a clerical knife. If the cardboard is thick, you can immediately stick your head and neck into an apple.

At the bottom of the apple, attach the paws with adhesive tape. It is convenient to use double-sided tape for this.
Now make a fluffy tail by picking up maple leaves with long petioles. Stick these petioles into an apple.
Stick small leaves on the sides to make wings.

Apple Turkey Craft
Everything, the turkey from an apple and leaves is ready.

Apple Turkey Craft

By the way, if you remove the snood of the turkey and attach a small crown to the head, then the bird may well be a peacock. Especially if you choose an apple and leaves of brighter colors for this.

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