Beautiful Foam Sheet Flowers Craft

Beautiful Foam Sheet Flowers

There are many ways to make a beautiful foam sheet flowers. In this tutorial we will show one of the options for making original petals.

To create such a flower we will prepare:

  • red and green foam (1 mm thick);
  • ruler with toothpick;
  • scissors;
  • floral tape;
  • stamens;
  • glue gun;
  • iron;
  • a piece of floral wire.

Beautiful Foam Sheet Flowers Step by Step

First, let’s prepare blanks for the petals of our flower. To do this, we cut out 6 rectangles measuring 5×2.5 cm from red foam. We first mark these blanks using a toothpick and a ruler.

Let’s start forming the petals. Fold the rectangle in half and trim the edges as follows.

This is what it should look like on a reversal.

Next we need an iron, set it to maximum temperature. First, we bring one edge of the workpiece, heat it, and then gently twist it with our fingers. From the opposite side we twist it in the other direction.

Now let’s use a glue gun. We fold the red blank as follows and connect it with hot glue.

We do the same with other blanks cut from red foam.

Now let’s prepare the flower stem and its center. To do this, we fold several stamens in half, and then fix them at the bottom with hot glue.

Cut a small piece of floral wire. We must secure the stamens on it, we do this with the help of floral tape.

You can start adding petals. Take the first piece, apply a thin strip of hot glue to the bottom edge and wrap it around the stem.

Beautiful Foam Sheet Flowers

Then we glue a couple more blanks in succession. This is how we formed the first row of petals.

Beautiful Foam Sheet Flowers

Then we glue the remaining red blanks.

Beautiful Foam Sheet Flowers

For the leaves, we will prepare a couple of squares of green foam with a side of 3 cm.

Cut out leaves from them.

We make small cuts along the edge, after which we crush these blanks and then straighten them.

To form a center line on each leaf, fold it in half lengthwise and place it on a hot iron for a few seconds. We draw the remaining veins with a toothpick.

Glue the leaves together.

Glue them at the bottom of the flower.

Beautiful Foam Sheet Flowers

This is how we got a beautiful foam sheet flowers.

Beautiful Foam Sheet Flowers

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