Paper Strips Bull Craft

Bull Craft

Another paper version of the animal is a bull craft made from strips of paper. The project is easy, presented with step by step photos.

Materials used:

  • Light brown cardboard;
  • Yellow and orange paper;
  • Moving eyes;
  • A simple pencil, scissors, glue stick, felt-tip pen.

Paper Strips Bull Craft Step by Step

Cut 6 strips from cardboard, 1 cm wide, and the length is equal to the narrow part of the paper.

To determine the middle of the strips, bend each in half.

Glue all the strips in the center. First, two stripes crosswise.

And then add all the rest, distributing so that the distance between them is the same.

Bend the ends with a pencil, and then glue the edges of the strips. Gluing should also be gradual. First two, and then adding the rest.

Bull Craft

It will turn out such a ball of stripes, which will be as the body of a bull.

Bull Craft

Prepare simple details to complete the craft:

  • Cut out a circle for the head;
  • The muzzle will be in the form of an oval;
  • Horns, forelock, ears, tail, eyes will not be superfluous;
  • If desired, you can cut the hooves.

Bull Craft

Glue all the details to make a head. You can take ready-made moving eyes, as an option – draw, make out of paper. Glue the head, hooves and tail to the body. Craft bull from strips of paper is ready.

Bull Craft

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