Cardboard Frog for Kids

Cardboard Frog

A cute and funny cardboard frog is easy to make. After all, his body is a cardboard folded in half, and children can make the rest of the small details based on their own skills and fantasies.

For this work you will need the following materials:

  • Double-sided green cardboard;
  • White and yellow cardboard;
  • Scissors, ruler, compasses, glue stick, black felt-tip pen, simple pencil.

Cardboard Frog Step by Step

Part Preparation

The funny character consists of the following few easy-to-make parts.

For the body, cut a long strip of green cardboard. The cardboard is dense, thanks to which the craft will take a stable vertical position. The dimensions are arbitrary, but so that when folded, a rectangular body is obtained. Although, someone may like the idea of ​​a fat frog, then it is quite possible to make the body wider and generally square.

Use a compass to draw a circle that will be the head of the frog, its width is equal to the width of the body. Cut out from green cardboard.

Also cut out two small circles from the same cardboard, they will be the eyes. Cut out smaller white circles for the eyes.

The front and back legs can be drawn on paper, cut out, and then circled on cardboard. Moreover, they can be any, for example, in the form of a thin strip with three-toed ramifications at the ends, all four of the same shape.

To decorate the frog, you can make him accessories — a yellow butterfly and buttons.

Collection of Parts Into a Single Whole

The final stage — from all the prepared details we create a cheerful frog from cardboard.

To do this, bend a thick strip in half, you get such a stand-body.

Glue the white circles on the green circles of the eyes and draw the pupils with a black felt-tip pen. Glue the eyes at the top of the head, draw the nostrils, a wide smile. And then attach the head itself in the center of the fold of the body.

Cardboard Frog

Finish the paper frog by gluing the paws, bow and buttons. The craft is ready.

Cardboard Frog

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