Cardboard Mouse Craft for Kids

Cardboard Mouse Craft

A very simple white cardboard mouse craft from a roll. Step by step work for kids of preschool and primary school age.

What is required for the creative process?

  • White cardboard;
  • Pink paper;
  • A little white and black for the eyes;
  • Black felt-tip pen, scissors, glue.

Cardboard Mouse Craft Step by Step

The body of this funny rodent is a small cylinder or roll. It is not difficult to make it from a strip of white paper.

Cut the strip, dimensions of your choice. In addition, the height of the mouse can also be different, as well as its width.

Glue the edges of the paper to make a roll.

Prepare the rest of the simple details:

  • Two white circles for the ears;
  • Two pink circles for the inside of the ears;
  • Pink round nose;
  • Eyes;
  • A long thin strip for the tail.

Cardboard Mouse Craft

Glue the pink inserts onto the white ears, and then attach the ears themselves to one side of the roll.

Add eyes and nose, draw a smile and mustache. By the way, a mustache can also be made from thin strips of black paper.

Twist the tail with a pencil and glue it to the roll. If desired, the mouse can be blushed: draw circles with a pink pencil, use real blush for this, or rub your finger on a pink pencil, and then crafts in the cheek area.

Cardboard Mouse Craft

That’s it, the cardboard mouse craft is ready.

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