Cardboard Tube Owl Craft

Cardboard Tube Owl Craft

To your attention, an cardboard tube owl craft. A step-by-step idea for kids, a bright craft of an owl from a roll and colored paper.

What you need to create a paper owl:

  • Toilet paper roll;
  • Colored paper, plus white and black for the eyes;
  • Hole puncher;
  • Scissors, glue, compasses.

Cardboard Tube Owl Craft Step by Step

To make the tube, cut a rectangle out of orange paper. Usually its dimensions are 16:9 cm. This is the average height and circumference of the roll. But the data may vary slightly, so it’s best to measure your bushing. You can also roll orange cardboard into a cylinder, immediately making the body of an owl.

Glue the paper to the core.

On one side, press the edges inward until they meet to make ears sticking out on the sides. Can be fixed with glue or tape.

Cardboard Tube Owl Craft

Using a hole punch, cut out many small circles, they can be of different colors.

Starting from the bottom, glue the circles onto the tube, shaping the bird’s belly. This is a painstaking action, but useful for the development of fine motor skills of children.

Cardboard Tube Owl Craft

Prepare additional paper details:

  • Two orange paper wings;
  • Red beak;
  • Two yellow paws;
  • Large eyes, which consist of black and white circles of different sizes.

Glue the beak, and on top of it — the eyes. Add wings on the sides and paws on the bottom.

Cardboard Tube Owl Craft

Everything, the cardboard tube owl craft is ready.

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