Chestnut Spider Craft

Chestnut Spider

A simple and interesting craft for children is a chestnut spider. It can be timed to coincide with the autumn holiday, and in black — for Halloween.

Materials used in the work:

  • Chestnuts;
  • Pipe cleaner brown and black;
  • Moving sticky eyes;
  • Thermal gun, scissors.

Do-it-yourself Chestnut Spider

For one spider, you will need one chestnut and two pipe cleaner.

Using scissors, separate 4 small pieces of pipe cleaner of the same size to make paws. Prepare the remains or a small wire to fasten the paws.

Fold 4 paws together and tie in the center with a piece of wire. Spread your legs out to the sides.

Using a glue gun, glue the chestnut tree where the wires are attached. That is, in the middle.

Chestnut Spider

Bend the tips of all paws inward.

Chestnut Spider

Glue moving funny eyes, or paper circles made of white and black clay, with black pupils in the middle. A chestnut spider craft is ready.

Chestnut Spider

Paws are easy to make from cardboard. It should also be cut into strips, glued in the center, after spreading the paws from different sides. And after that, attach a chestnut in the middle.

Chestnut Spider

Chestnut Spider

If you need a Halloween craft, you can paint the chestnut black with gouache or ink, and take black fluffy wire for the paws. All other actions follow the example of the brown spider.

You can simply make a spider out of pipe cleaner. This is a wonderful material, pleasant to the touch, plastic and attractive. Ideal for children’s creativity.

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