Handmade Christmas Crafts: a Collection of Step-by-Step Ideas for Kids of Any Age

Christmas Crafts

Are you ready to make Christmas crafts on your own? Then, let’s get down to the most interesting and exciting creativity, and step-by-step photo ideas from tratatuha.com website are at your disposal.

You can make these crafts at classroom activities at schools or kindergartens, but Christmas preparations with their parents at home are especially memorable for children. After all, there are numerous crafts for decorating your home and Christmas tree; you can make gifts for your grandparents and all the relatives.

Handmade Christmas Crafts: TOP Interesting Ideas Step by Step

Snowman of Paper Strips

Snowman of Paper Strips

A nice-looking craft that can be used to decorate a Christmas tree, to make a garland of several such snowmen, or to put it to any surface. Crafts made of paper strips are often used for teaching children creativity; this is one of the most interesting and useful techniques. The snowman consists of two balls and complemented by special features and Christmas accessories.

Step-by-step instruction: Snowman of paper strips

Paper Christmas Tree Decorations

Paper Christmas Tree Decorations

These bright decorations of various shapes, colors and sizes can become a full-fledged decoration for a Christmas tree. And what could be more pleasant for children than a chance to make use of their crafts, which all relatives and guests will admire. The decorations are voluminous and consist of several certain figures glued together.

Link to the master-class: voluminous paper Christmas tree decorations

Christmas Tree made of Pine Cones

Christmas Tree made of Pine Cones

The work is rather difficult, help of adults may be required. However, the result is always amazing. This Christmas tree will decorate any surface, room, class, or group. It’s noteworthy that the cones can be painted green or left in their original form – the final result will still be splendid.

View details: Christmas Tree made of Pine Cones

Snowman of Toilet Paper Roll

Snowman of Toilet Paper Roll

Creating this snowman is as easy as pie; even small kids can do the job. After all, all you should do is to wrap a paper roll with white paper, glue or draw the eyes, nose, smile, and little buttons. And complement it with accessories such as a scarf and ear warmers.

Details at: Snowman of a toilet paper roll

Santa Claus of Paper Strips

Santa Claus of Paper Strips

The basis of this Christmas craft is the same as for the snowman, i.e. two balls made of paper strips. And then it’s up to your creative vision. You can draw a Santa Claus image and stick it to the upper ball, or draw the face features and then cut them out and glue together. The masterpiece you’ve made will decorate an interior or a Christmas tree.

The step-by-step instruction on the article: Santa Claus of paper strips

Paper Deer

Paper deer with template

It’s extremely easy to make these cute deer. And all because there is a ready-made template. If you have a printer, you can make lots of such blanks, but children will also have work to do: they will need to cut out the character carefully and glue it in certain places to get a nice and elegant Christmas symbol.

Link to the template and photo instructions: Paper deer with template

Volumetric Paper Snowman

Volumetric paper snowman with template

Another winter character made according to the pattern is a cheerful snowman. The craft is suitable for over-fives. Younger children will need help of adults, since it’s important to glue some faces together as accurately as possible. When being made properly, the snowman can become a real souvenir, an attractive handmade gift for your relatives.

Link to the step-by-step instruction and template: Volumetric paper snowman with template

Deer of Paper Strips

Reindeer from Strips of Paper

Another Christmas character made of paper strips, which consists of two balls. If you are already skilled at making such balls, there is a minimal number of the rest actions required. The deer will need beautiful branchy horns, eyes, a nose and a piece of jewelry, optionally.

See more: Deer of paper strips

Snowman of Plastic Cup

Snowman of Plastic Cup

Another exciting kind of children’s creativity is making Christmas crafts of material at hand on their own. Look, how cute can snowmen of common cups look. The work is perfect even for small kids. After all, the most important part is the body, which is ready; all you need to do is to form the character’s look by adding a nose, a smile, and eyes – the rest decorations depend on the wish, inspiration and age of the creator.

Step-by-step tips in the instruction: Snowman from a plastic cup

Simple Paper Christmas Trees

Volumetric paper Christmas tree

When the Christmas holidays are approaching, you can make these pretty Christmas trees with your children. 3 templates are attached; all you need to do is to print the blanks, carefully cut it out along the lines and glue. And then decorate with handmade paper decorations (balls, stars, any other characters). Or with small read-made decorations.

Instructions and templates: Volumetric paper Christmas tree

Cardboard Deer

Voluminous cardboard deer

A simple Christmas craft for children, which can be successfully made even by small kids. All the parts are simple: the head formed by rolled paper and the body requiring a minimum of actions. Eyes, a nose and a tail can be made of paper or ready-made, such as moving eyes and pompoms. The main deer’s decoration is its horns; children can draw them at their discretion –make them very simple or branchy and impressive.

See more: Voluminous cardboard deer

Fluffy Paper Snowflake

Voluminous paper snowflake

Such a snowflake will decorate any interior. These beautiful voluminous snowflakes can be hung on a Christmas tree, make up an amazing garland or a single Christmas decoration. The work is a bit complicated for small kids, but older children will cope with the craft.

Work stages: Voluminous paper snowflake

Colorful Handmade Christmas Crafts – Fairytale Houses

paper houses for Christmas

There are numerous templates for making houses. In fact, you can use any one found on the Internet. But to make it look fairytale and Christmas-like, you should slightly complement the craft – by taking bright paper, Christmas decorations, templates and your own festive inspiration. These three houses can become an example and starting point for your fantasy.

As well as a detailed photo instruction with templates: Fairytale Christmas paper houses

Besides making crafts with children, you can also make Christmas applique works. The site offers a wide range of applique works with Christmas trees made in various techniques – in voluminous and flat versions.

Crafts for Kids – learn how to make craft at home! Super cute crafts for all age groups!

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