Clay and Seeds Hedgehog Craft

Clay and Seeds Hedgehog

Clay and seeds hedgehog is a simple craft that preschool and school children can make. The work is interesting, ideal for the development of fine motor skills of hands, imagination.

You will need the following materials:

  • Clay orange (brown, beige) for the body;
  • Black clay for the nose and eyes;
  • Optionally, white clay for the eyes;
  • Sunflower seeds. The amount depends on the size of the hedgehog’s body.

Clay and Seeds Hedgehog Step by Step

Soften in the palms and roll the orange clay into a ball.

Sharpen the ball on one side by rolling first with the palm of your hand and then with your finger on one side. You should get a thick carrot with a slightly raised narrow part.

Leave untouched a small area for the muzzle, stick the rest with seeds. The hedgehog looks beautiful with a minimum number of gaps.

Clay and Seeds Hedgehog

Roll up small rollers and flatten them a little to make a hedgehog from clay and paw seeds. If desired, using a plastic knife, which is complete with clay, you can make longitudinal recesses on the adhesives.

You will also need a small black balloon for the nose and white balloons with smaller black ones for the eyes. You can make the eyes even simpler by sticking only black balls.

Stick the nose, eyes, finish with the paws.

Clay and Seeds Hedgehog

Everything, a clay and seeds hedgehog is ready. It can be used as an autumn craft, or as a variant of children’s fine art. After all, modeling from clay is one of the most favorite types of activities for children.

Clay and Seeds Hedgehog

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