Clay Bear Step by Step for Kids

Clay Bear

Clay bear for kids. An easy way to sculpt a bear is shown in detailed photos step by step. Light clay craft.

To sculpt a bear you will need:

  • brown and orange clays;
  • small pieces of black and white clay;
  • stack;
  • table protection, work surface.

Clay Bear Step by Step

Our teddy bear will be molded from brown clay, and orange, white and black will be required for some details. First, we sculpt a blank for the body from brown clay. To do this, you need to roll the clay into a ball, and then roll it into an uneven pear-shaped oval, where one side is slightly narrower than the other.

Next, prepare the paws for our bear. To do this, we roll a pair of “peppers” made of brown clay, which are slightly bent and narrowed from one edge.

Attach the legs to the sides of the body.

After that, we blind the same lower legs to the teddy bear and attach them to the body.

We will decorate the lower paws with small circles of orange clay.

Clay Bear

Now let’s sculpt the bear’s head. It will have a slightly elongated shape. Of course, the head should be less than half the body or slightly more than half. Add a couple of small ears.

From a small ball of black clay we will make a nose, and gently scratch the mouth with a stack. Let’s do the eyes. This will require small balls of black and white clay.

Clay Bear

We attach the head to the body. Our clay bear is ready.

Clay Bear

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