Clay Cake for Kids Step by Step

Clay Cake

A bright clay cake that kids can easily blind. After all, the basis is very simple actions — rolling balls, flagella, their transformation into a flat shape.

For modeling you will need:

  • Clay of different colors;
  • Heart shape (any other of your choice);
  • Stack, mat for working with clay.

Clay Cake: Modeling Steps

Baking a cake usually begins with the formation of cakes. So in modeling we will begin to create multi-colored shortcakes. Their number can be at your own discretion. For example, we blind as many as 6 layers.

To do this, roll the clay of the desired colors into small balls.

Then each ball must be turned into a cake. Depending on the stickiness of the clay, the ball can be flattened with a flat object, or rolled out using improvised means, which can be a small rolling pin, felt-tip pen, glue stick and others.

With the help of a heart shape, give each tortilla an appropriate look.

We got 6 multi-colored hearts. If you do not want to mess with the forms, it is quite possible to make a classic round clay cake.

Blind all layers together. It will turn out such a tall cake, you can make it lower — reduce the number of cakes, or make them thinner.

Clay Cake

Clay Cake Decoration

As a decoration, we will have small and very simple clay three roses.

Roll into 3 small balls.

Roll them into thin flagella.

And after these flagella, flatten them with your fingers or roll them out with improvised objects.

To make a rose, roll the clay into a roll.

Get this flower.

Make two more from the rest of the flat long blanks.

To make the leaves, roll the green clay into balls.

Give the balls the shape of a carrot.

And then they need to be pressed a little with your fingers and flattened. From above, using a stack or a toothpick, draw streaks.

Stick roses with leaves on the cake and the cake is ready.

Clay Cake

It is not necessary to make it so high, it is quite possible to get by with three layers.

Clay Cake

Decorate one with roses, and the second is even easier with multi-colored balls.

Clay Cake

Clay Cake

Roll balls of different sizes and colors from clay and stick them on top of the cakes.

The clay cake is ready, the work is not difficult, suitable for children from preschool age.

Clay Cake

Clay Cake

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