Clay Deer with a Gift — Step by Step for Kids

Clay Deer

A simple animal craft is a clay deer, and even with a gift. Step by step instructions with photos.

To create it, let’s prepare:

  • Clay orange, brown, black, red and white;
  • Stack;
  • Table cover.

Clay Deer Step by Step

First, we make a blank for the body of a deer, it will be a ball of orange clay.

The legs of the animal will be made of four smaller balls of the same orange clay.

We connect the torso with the legs together.

We roll an orange ball smaller than the body. Then we give the ball a pear shape. This will be the head of the deer. We attach it to the body.

Now we need brown clay. We make horns from it. First we roll up several thin flagella, and then we form horns from them. We fix them on the head of a deer.

Clay Deer

From a piece of black clay we will form a spout.

Clay Deer

The same clay will be required to create the eyes. From small circles we will make the base of the eyes. Add tiny pieces of white clay on top.

Let’s make our deer smile. Therefore, from a thin flagellum of black plasticine, we make him a smile.

Clay Deer

We Sculpt a Gift from Clay

Next, let’s create a gift. From red clay we sculpt a small cube.

The gift will be tied with a white ribbon. Therefore, from the appropriate clay, we roll up a thin flagellum and form a ribbon, and a bow on top.

We place this gift next to the deer. That’s it, the clay deer craft with a gift is ready.

Clay Deer

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