Clay Dragon for Kids Step by Step Lesson

Clay Dragon

A simple clay dragon for children’s creativity. Detailed instructions with photos. Modeling a mythical animal from clay.

Materials for modeling:

  • Green clay for the main part of the animal;
  • A little clay in orange, as well as yellow and black;
  • Googly eyes;
  • Stack, mat for modeling.

Clay Dragon Step by Step — Stages of Work

Mash green clay and roll it into a ball to make the body of an animal.

Roll out the ball so that one of its sides becomes narrow. This way we will get a small tail.

Now let’s add the dragon’s lower legs. To do this, roll small balls and then shape them into carrots.

Attach the paws to the body.

After that, let’s move on to sculpting the head. Roll into a ball almost half the size of the body.

Give it a cylinder shape.

Stick the head to the body of the future dragon.

Clay Dragon

We sculpt wings for the animal. They can be of different shapes, most often they are sculpted like those that are characteristic of bats. But we won’t complicate the process and mold simple wings in the form of round cakes. To do this, roll two pieces of green clay into balls.

Then press the balls to turn them into flat pancakes.

Stick the wings to the dragon’s body.

Clay Dragon

Now let’s decorate the belly to make our craft more bright. Roll a yellow ball. Give it a flat shape.

Stick the yellow belly to the body.

Typically, a dragon has four legs. So let’s add two more on top. To do this, roll two balls of green clay again. Shape it into a carrot and bend it a little.

Stick the upper legs to the sides of the body.

Clay Dragon

To make the dragon even brighter and more colorful, you can mold it with a crest, which will be located from the head to the very tip of the tail. Roll 5 balls of green clay and flatten them a little.

Stick in a row from head to tail.

Clay Dragon

Now all that remains is to design the dragon’s face. To do this, roll out thin flagella from black clay for horns, smiles, as well as 4 balls for eyes and nostrils. Stick all the details to the head area.

Clay Dragon

If you have googly eyes available, you can replace clay balls with them. Simply stick it in with an edge to create interesting eyes with moving pupils.

Clay Dragon

This completes the clay dragon. Despite the many frames and lengthy description, the craft itself is not at all difficult to sculpt, because, in fact, it consists of simple balls, ovals and carrots. Happy creativity!

Clay Dragon

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