Clay Gingerbread Man

Clay Gingerbread Man

Tutorial on the topic — clay gingerbread man. Simple details, quick modeling for children with step-by-step instructions.

When baking cookies and gingerbread, you can choose any shape. But for children, the most interesting treat will be in the form of funny figures. For example, baked goods in the shape of a person are popular. In this lesson we will make such an inedible treat from clay.

To sculpt such a man we will use:

  • beige, white, red, green, brown clay;
  • stack of plastic.

Clay Gingerbread Man Step by Step

The main color of our craft will be beige. From it we roll a pair of identical flagella.

Then we connect them in the middle, after which we carefully flatten them. So we outlined the basis for the arms and legs, and at the same time the body of the future little man.

For the head, roll a ball from the same beige clay.

We give it the shape of a flat circle and add it to the base of the craft.

Clay Gingerbread Man

Next, let’s start decorating. First, roll out thin flagella from white clay.

We give them a wave-like shape and decorate the tips of our little man’s arms and legs.

Clay Gingerbread Man

Make a bow from a small piece of red clay, and small green balls will become buttons.

Clay Gingerbread Man

All that remains is to design the face. To do this, we sculpt small eyes from dark brown clay, and make a mouth from a thin flagellum. Small red balls will become cheeks. This is how we got the clay gingerbread man.

Clay Gingerbread Man

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