Clay Monkey Step by Step Modeling for Kids

Clay Monkey

These animals are believed to be the predecessors of humans. We will not argue with this theory, but simply offer a modeling lesson on the topic — a clay monkey.

To sculpt the monkey we will use:

  • brown, beige, black clay;
  • toothpick;
  • match;
  • stack of plastic.

Clay Monkey Step by Step

First, let’s prepare the basic pieces for the body and head. We will make them from dark brown clay.

We connect these parts together using a toothpick. We break off a small piece, insert it into the body, and then string on the head.

Now let’s work with beige clay. Let’s start forming a muzzle from it. To do this, we make 2 parts of different shapes, and then attach them to the head.

We’ll work on the head in more detail a little later. In the meantime, let’s finish the big details. For the limbs, roll out 4 pieces of brown clay.

We bend these blanks a little, and then fasten them to the body. We will make our monkey in a sitting pose.

Clay Monkey

Add small pieces of beige clay at the ends. Let’s work them out using a plastic stack.

Clay Monkey

Let’s go back to the dark brown clay. We roll a thin flagellum out of it, which will become a tail. We fix it at the back and bend it a little.

Clay Monkey

All that remains is to finish the details of the muzzle. We add small black eyes, sculpt a nose from beige clay and make ears of the same color, decorating their middle with a match head. The clay monkey is ready.

Clay Monkey

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