Clay Octopus Step by Step for Kids

Clay Octopus

Step by step for kids — clay octopus. Simple, interesting, ideal for children’s creativity.

Of all the marine life, many children distinguish the octopus, which has an unusual shape. It is also easy to distinguish by the number of limbs. We propose in this master class to mold this inhabitant of the sea from clay.

For modeling you will need:

  • blue, orange, white and black clay. If desired, your craft can be made in other colors.
  • stack.

Clay Octopus Step by Step

First, we will make a blank for the head of the octopus. Initially, it will be a ball rolled from blue clay.

Then we will slightly change its shape, making it narrower at the bottom.

Next, let’s create tentacles, there will be 8 of them in our craft. Therefore, we roll 8 small sausages from blue clay. These will be blanks for the limbs of the octopus.

We fix them in the lower part of the main part (head), evenly distributing in a circle. After that, you can slightly bend all the tentacles, giving them a more believable look.

Let’s add eyes to our octopus. Their basis will be small circles of white clay.

Clay Octopus

The pupils are made from tiny blanks of black clay. Optionally, you can add a mouth, bangs and even a hat to the octopus.

Clay Octopus

Now let’s add small circles to the tentacles. They will be made of orange clay, roll up a lot of small balls.

It remains to distribute them over all the limbs.

Clay Octopus

The clay octopus is ready.

Clay Octopus

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