Clay Painting Bullfinch on a Rowan Branch

Clay Painting Bullfinch

The bright red-breasted birds are easy to recognize in the middle of winter. They approach houses hoping to find food during this cold season. This tutorial presents a clay painting bullfinch on a rowan branch.

You will need:

  • clay set;
  • stack
  • blue cardboard.

Clay Painting Bullfinch on a Rowan Branch Step by Step

Let’s start creating a bullfinch from his head. To do this, first roll up a ball of black clay, then flatten it and apply it to a sheet of blue cardboard.

We will make the breast of our bird from red clay. We roll up an oval blank to start.

Then flatten it and put it on cardboard.

The next step is to create a black wing. But first, we will add a small piece of black clay just below the head, this will smooth out the contours of the future bird.

Now we fix the wing, it will have a teardrop shape.

Add a ponytail.

Next, we will use gray clay. If this color is not in your set, then mix black and white clay together. Gray on our craft will be the details on the wing, as well as the beak of the bullfinch. From a small ball of white clay we make an eye, for this we flatten it slightly and fix it on the head, and add a tiny piece of black clay on top.

Clay Painting Bullfinch

On this, the creation of the bird is almost completed. We proceed to the manufacture of a branch on which the bullfinch will sit. We will make it from brown clay. To begin with, we roll up a long thin sausage and fix it on cardboard. From small pieces of black clay we make paws, we additionally arrange them with a plastic stack.

Clay Painting Bullfinch

From thinner flagella of brown clay we form additional branches. So we make the basis for the rowan twigs.

Clay Painting Bullfinch

Next, we create berries from red clay. To make them the same, it is better to pre-roll a thin sausage, cut it into equal parts with a plastic stack and then roll up small balls. We fix them on a brown branch, forming a bunch of mountain ash.

Clay Painting Bullfinch

We will make snow on a branch according to the same principle – these will be small balls of white clay.

Clay Painting Bullfinch

It remains to fill the background and depict snow. To do this, we will again use small white blanks. It turned out here is such a winter clay painting bullfinch on a rowan branch.

Clay Painting Bullfinch

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