Clay Painting Clown for Kids

Clay Painting Clown

Many kids will call the clown the main character in the circus. It is he who most of all entertains the kids during the performance. This tutorial presents a clay painting clown for kids.

You will need:

  • clay set;
  • white cardboard;
  • decorative eyes;
  • plastic stack.

Clay Painting Clown Step by Step

The main colors in our craft will be red and green. You will also need some light beige clay. Therefore, we first roll such balls.

Blanks of red and green clay need to be flattened so that they take the form of circles.

Cut each circle in half with a plastic stack. After that, we take halves of different colors and connect them together. This will be the body of the future clown, we fix it on a sheet of white cardboard.

We fashion hands from clay of the same colors. Let’s make them raised up, as our clown will juggle.

Create the legs in the same way. To do this, we roll out the flagella again from red and green clay, and then flatten them.

From clay of light beige color we fashion hands. The clown’s feet will have orange shoes.

Now take the pink clay and form a triangle out of it. This will be the cap on the clown’s head.

Clay Painting Clown

We will decorate the costume of our hero with the help of yellow clay. We will place a thin flagellum on the border of red and green, we will also additionally make a few round buttons.

Clay Painting Clown

We will decorate the hat with orange clay. We roll up a couple of thin flagella and fix them on the lower edge of the headdress, and place the ball on top. We will make a collar from pink clay.

Let’s take care of his face. We fix decorative eyes, add a red nose and mouth.

Clay Painting Clown

It remains to make balls that our clown will juggle. To do this, first roll out balls of the same size from different clays, then flatten them and fix them on cardboard, forming an arc. Clay painting clown is ready.

Clay Painting Clown

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