Clay Painting Fish for Kids

Clay Painting Fish

Clay painting fish will be made on a piece of cardboard step by step. And we will depict in this way the underwater world shown in this tutorial.

To create such a craft, we will take:

  • clay set;
  • blue cardboard;
  • plastic stack.

Clay Painting Fish for Kids Step by Step

First we need green clay. From it we roll thin flagella, which will become algae. We lay them out in the form of thin clay blanks on blue cardboard.

Then we make small leaves from the same clay and fix them on the algae. We denote the veins with a plastic stack.

Next we will make fish. For the first we will use yellow and red clay. We sculpt the main part from yellow clay, and for the fins we use red. We designate the mouth with a stack and draw thin lines on the fins. We make an eye from small balls of black and white clay.

For the second fish we use orange and purple clay.

Clay Painting Fish

Finally, we add the third fish to our craft. We mold it from red and yellow clay. We try to distribute all the fish evenly on the blue cardboard. However, they can be directed in different directions.

Clay Painting Fish

Now let’s make the pebbles at the bottom of the craft. To create them, we will use yellow clay, roll up small balls, and then flatten them and fix them at the bottom of the craft.

Clay Painting Fish

It remains to use white clay. With its help, we will depict air bubbles. To do this, roll up small balls and fix them over each fish. The clay painting fish is ready. Interesting underwater world.

Clay Painting Fish

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