Clay Painting Penguin with Balloons for Kids

Clay Painting Penguin

Bright, festive clay painting penguin with balls step by step for kids. It can be a handmade gift for relatives.

Materials for work:

  • Clay black, white, orange, blue, red, green and purple;
  • Stack;
  • Yellow cardboard;
  • Brown marker.

Clay Painting Penguin with Balloons Step by Step

Prepare the cardboard, decide on the size, shape, and possibly color if yellow is not to your liking.

For the penguin, roll the black clay into circles and a little less white.

Roll out the black clay into a rectangular shape with wings on the sides. Can be cut in stacks. Or make a rectangle first, and then add wings. Stick the clay on the bottom of the cardboard.

Roll out the white clay into a rectangle with rounded pieces on top that are easy to cut in a stack. By the way, if there are no special devices, you can roll out the clay with a marker without edges, after giving it a flat shape with your fingers. Stick the white part onto the black outline of the penguin.

Add a drop-shaped orange beak and draw in the eyes with a marker.

Clay Painting Penguin

Stick the paws on the bottom, also in the form of a drop slightly bent to the side. The penguin is ready.

Clay Painting Penguin

Now let’s move on to creating balls. They will be in the form of a spiral. To do this, roll out a thin tourniquet. And, starting from the tip, wrap it in a round, tight spiral.

Make some colorful balls.

Stick them in a semicircle on top of the penguin.

Clay Painting Penguin

Draw strings with a marker. A clay painting of a penguin with balls is ready.

Clay Painting Penguin

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