Clay Painting Snail for Kids

Clay Painting Snail

Clay painting snail step by step. During the creation of today’s craft, the child will learn how to roll balls and other simple clay elements. At the same time, you can work on the eye gauge, as you will need to prepare balls of the same size.

To create such a craft, we will take:

  • a set of colored clay;
  • bright blue cardboard;
  • plastic stack.

Clay Painting Snail for Kids Step by Step

The main elements on our crafts will be small balls and thin flagella rolled from clay of different colors. It is from these elements that we will make a snail shell. First, we roll a thin long flagellum from yellow clay.

We twist it in a spiral and put it on a sheet of bright blue cardboard, while pressing down a little.

Next, roll up small balls of blue clay.

Their number should be such that it is enough to lay out in one row around the yellow spiral. While laying out in a circle, each ball is gently pressed down. Then we roll a thin flagellum from white clay and arrange its circles. It is better to make a longer workpiece in advance, and then, if necessary, shorten it with a plastic stack.

The next step in creating our craft will be rolling pink clay balls.

They should be enough to lay out the existing workpiece in a circle.

Add the flagellum again, this time we make it from orange clay. Do not forget to press down all the details and fix them well on a cardboard base.

Finally, we perform the final row, consisting of balls of purple clay. This completes the formation of the snail shell.

Clay Painting Snail

For the body and head, use orange clay. From it we sculpt blanks of the following form. For the body, we take a thick “sausage” as a basis, and we will make the head from a medium-sized ball.

First, we form the body, for this we carefully flatten the orange “sausage”. Then we fix the head.

Clay Painting Snail

We add long antennae in the form of antennas, as well as eyes.

Clay Painting Snail

It remains to supplement our craft with grass, we make it from thin green flagella. Clay painting snail is ready.

Clay Painting Snail

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