Clay Scooter Step by Step

Clay Scooter

Boys will be more interested in this craft. After all, in this tutorial we are blinding a  clay scooter.

For him you will need:

  • clay orange
  • white
  • black color.

Clay Scooter Step by Step

For our craft, we need to prepare a few details. Most of them will be made from orange clay. First, we roll up a thick sausage from this clay, after which we make the workpiece flat. This will be the main part of the future scooter.

We will also make additional details – a seat and a couple of blanks for wheels.

You will also need elements for the steering wheel of the future scooter. We sculpt blanks of the following form.

Before starting the assembly of the scooter model, we must have such elements molded from orange clay.

Let’s start assembling crafts. First, we slightly bend the flat base of the scooter.

Then add the seat.

On the sides we fix the workpieces, which will be located on top of the rear wheel.

Add a semicircle in front of the craft. At the same time, we attach a thin sausage related to the steering.

Clay Scooter

Finally, we fix the steering wheel. For a better connection of parts, you can use a toothpick.

Clay Scooter

Now we need white clay. We sculpt a couple of parts from it, after which we fix them on the seat and steering wheel.

Clay Scooter

Let’s take care of the wheels for our scooter. Of course, they will not be real, so we sculpt only one wheel. We make it from black clay, and add white round elements on the sides.

Let’s cut this wheel in half.

These halves are added as wheels. The clay scooter is ready.

Clay Scooter

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