Clay Shark — Step by Step Modeling for Kids

Clay Shark

A simple clay shark in stages. For modeling, you will need blue and white clay, a stack and a good mood.

Shark making can be a fun and rewarding activity to spend time with your child. Simple work will contribute to perseverance, and a hand-made figurine can be an excellent toy with a developing context.

If you are interested in modeling the inhabitants of the water world, you may like a clay dolphin, a clay lobster, a clay fish, a clay pike and a clay octopus.

More about shark sculpting materials:

  • Blue clay;
  • A little white and black clay;
  • Stack;
  • Carpet for modeling.

Clay Shark Step by Step

Knead the clay and roll it into a ball.

Roll out the ball into a long shape with pointed tips. Moreover, on the one hand there is more thickening. The abdomen should also sag a little. The main part of the work is done, since the main thing is to mold the body correctly, and small details in the form of fins and eyes will not require much effort.

We sculpt fins

Roll the blue clay into small balls. The ball for the dorsal fin should be slightly larger.

Give the balls the shape of a carrot.

Press down with your fingers and flatten them. For the dorsal fin, the resulting triangle needs to be slightly bent to the side.

Glue a bent fin to the back, add two to the tail, and attach the last one to the shark’s belly.

Clay Shark

Roll small balls from white clay, and stick black balls on top of them — pupils. Glue the finished eyes on the sides of the shark.

Roll white clay into a flagellum, the edges of the flagellum should be narrow. Flatten the flagellum a little and stick it as a predatory smile. From above, use the stack to display the visibility of the teeth. Also with a stack or a toothpick, draw the gills.

Clay Shark

Everything, the clay shark is ready.

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