Clay Submarine — Clay Painting for Kids

Clay Submarine

A clay submarine is a molding made on a sheet of cardboard. Although the work is not difficult, it will require perseverance and accuracy.

Materials used:

  • Clay yellow, orange, red, white, blue and green;
  • Blue cardboard;
  • Stack, mat for work.

Clay Submarine Step by Step

Prepare the cardboard and give it a square (or any desired shape).

Roll up two yellow balls, one of which should be much larger than the other. From these balls we will sculpt the hull of the boat.

Mash a larger ball into an oval. You can roll it out with a marker. The main thing is that it should be without sharp edges. Stick the oval on the cardboard at the bottom of it.

Roll a smaller ball into a semi-oval. Cut off the excess with a stack. With its help, you can even cut a semi-oval. Stick the semi-oval on top of the main ship hull.

Roll a small part of yellow clay into a ball, and then give it the shape of an elongated drop. Bend it to the side and stick it on top of the boat. Roll the orange clay into a flagellum and place it at the seam between the oval parts of the boat.

Glue red clay to the front of the boat, following the shape of this part of the boat. With an orange edging in the form of a thin sausage, delimit the joint.

Clay Submarine

Roll two blue balls and roll them into two circles. Place in the middle of the clay submarine to make portholes.

Clay Submarine

Roll white clay into thin sausages and stick them around the blue circles.

Clay Submarine

Roll out three small balls of green clay, give them a drop shape and stick on the back of the boat. Use a toothpick to make small holes, as shown in the photo.

Clay Submarine

Finally, mold thin flagella from green clay and glue them onto cardboard to make algae. The white circles at the top of the picture will represent air bubbles. That’s it, the clay submarine is ready.

Clay Submarine

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