How to Make a Clay Tractor

Clay Tractor

You can interest a child in creativity if he is interested in the subject of crafts. Boys will like this tutorial, because we will sculpt a tractor from clay.

To sculpt it, we will prepare:

  • clay of four colors (black, white, yellow, red). Or your own color options;
  • plastic stack;
  • toothpick;
  • board or mat for working with clay.

Clay Tractor Step by Step

First, we blind the base for the tractor from black clay. To do this, we form a bar of the following shape.

The following details are blinded from red clay. This will be the hood and body of the tractor. They have this shape.

We attach these parts to a base made of black clay.

Now we will make blanks for the tractor wheels. It will be 4 balls, 2 of them we will make larger in size.

We form wheels from them. To do this, it is enough to press the balls with your finger to make disks.

We decorate the middle of these disks with circles of yellow clay. To do this, we also first roll balls from yellow clay, which should then be flattened.

Additionally, we go through the circumference with a toothpick.

We attach these wheels to the black base of the tractor.

Clay Tractor

We sculpt the driver’s seat from yellow clay and fix it to the body.

Clay Tractor

For the rear wheels we will make wings, we sculpt them from red clay and fix them on top of the wheels.

Clay Tractor

It remains to make the steering wheel, we sculpt it from black clay and fix it with a small piece of clay. Our clay tractor is ready.

Clay Tractor

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