Crepe Paper Mushroom Craft

Crepe Paper Mushroom Craft

A crepe paper mushroom turns out bright and beautiful, with an interesting 3D texture.
The technique itself is not complicated, but useful for children, as it develops fine motor skills and perseverance.

The last quality comes first, because the work is quite painstaking.

What materials will you need?

  • White paper;
  • Crepe red, white, green and a little yellow;
  • Green cardboard;
  • Toilet paper roll;
  • Scissors, a simple pencil, white glue;
  • Kebab stick or pen rod;
  • Googly eyes.

Instead of crepe paper, you can use napkins and tissue paper. The roll also completely replaces white cardboard rolled into a tube.

Crepe Paper Mushroom Step by Step

Measure the roll and prepare a piece of white paper according to its parameters. Draw a circle, divide it into 4 parts and cut one.

Roll and glue the circle into a wide cone. Wrap the roll in white paper and secure with glue.

Cut a lot of small squares from red crepe paper and white. I use a napkin as a white one. Ideally, the sides of the squares should be equal to 1 cm. But they turn out to be very small; if desired, for small children they can be made larger — up to 1.5 cm.

Draw circles on the cap of the future mushroom to mark where the white spots will be.

Next, you need to install a kebab stick or a pen rod in the center of one square.

Squeeze the tip with your fingers and turn it in both directions, creating the semblance of a very crumpled little bag.

Then you need to dip the tip in white glue and press it to the surface of the paper. You only need to hold it for a little while and then remove the stick. Most often, it can be removed almost immediately. Alternatively, the glue can be immediately applied to the surface, and then the dry paper can be glued.

You need to start working from the top of the mushroom, gradually moving down.

The drawn circles need to be covered with white crepe paper. You can first make all the white circles, and then fill the rest of the surface with red paper.

This is how the beautiful hat turned out, although we can’t say that the process is very fast.

Crepe Paper Mushroom Craft

Now let’s move on to the stem of the mushroom. Cut a circle out of green cardboard and glue the roll to it.

Make grass from green crepe paper. You can make splashes of yellow, as if they were flowers.

Crepe Paper Mushroom Craft

Finally, glue on the fluffy cap and the crepe paper mushroom is ready. If desired, you can give it a shape, glue it or draw eyes and a smile.

Crepe Paper Mushroom Craft

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