DIY Easter Card for Kids

DIY Easter Card

The best gift for your children is a DIY Easter Card. This is a pop-up or 3D version of a postcard, but it’s not at all complicated to make.

The work uses:

  • Double-sided cardboard in blue, green, yellow, red, pink;
  • White cardboard;
  • Orange paper;
  • Scissors, glue stick, black felt-tip pen, pencil, ruler.

DIY Easter Card Step by Step

Making the Cover

For the cover you will need two pieces of rectangular cardboard – green and blue. Of course, you can choose any other shades of paper. For a large postcard, whole A4 paper is suitable. It will be more convenient for children to work with her other half.

Fold both pieces in half, draw a wavy line on one half of the green cardboard and cut it off.

Draw parallel lines on the fold side of the green cardboard. Two in the middle, and two on both sides of the first. Do not make them very wide; depending on the size of the postcard, they can be from 1 to 2.5 cm. The middle one is wider.

Cut along the lines and fold the cut pieces up.

Open the cardboard and redirect the cut parts to the middle. Close the card so that all folds are positioned correctly.

Glue the green cardstock onto the blue cardboard, making sure the fold meets the fold. Close and press the card. If done correctly, the card will close and open perfectly, with the three supports extending forward.

Making Chicken and Flowers

  • Considering the size of the card, cut out an oval from yellow cardboard. Cut three branches from the top – a forelock. Or cut it out separately and glue it to the oval.
  • Cut an oval out of white cardboard, slightly larger than the yellow one, then cut it in half and make teeth, imitating the remains of a cracked egg shell.
  • From orange cardboard, cut out the legs and a diamond shape that, when folded, forms a half-open beak.

Glue all the components as shown in the photo, draw eyes and you will get this funny chicken.

Glue the chicken to the middle stand of the card.

DIY Easter Card

Cut out two flowers and grass.

Glue them onto the remaining two coasters.

DIY Easter Card

That’s it, you can make an Easter card like this with your own hands. It can be signed both inside and outside. Decorate the top with flowers, any applique, or design.

DIY Easter Card

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