DIY Easter Egg Stand Craft

Easter Egg Stand

Do-it-yourself Easter egg stand is a good product for children, a great table decoration for Easter. Depending on the size, it can hold several eggs or only one.

Also, the product can be used as a basket, where you can put candies and other sweets.

The following materials were used in the work:

  • Blue cardboard;
  • Blue colored paper;
  • Pink, green paper for a flower;
  • A ruler, scissors, a simple pencil, white glue.

Do-it-yourself Easter Egg Stand

We Make the Base of the Flower Stand

To make the product more stable, at the first stage, you need to make a cylindrical container with a bottom from cardboard.

To do this, cut a strip of cardboard, the width of which is about 5 cm, and the length is equal to the circle of the egg. This is if you are making a small stand, for large sizes you need to do it at your own discretion.

Glue the strip into a roll and cut a circle from the cardboard, taking into account the diameter of the roll. It is not scary if there is a little more, then the excess can be cut off.

Apply white glue in a thin line to the edge of the roll and glue the round bottom. When the bottom is firmly attached, cut off the excess.

We Make Flower Components

Prepare colored paper of rectangular shape. For a small Easter stand, a piece slightly larger than half of A4 paper is enough. The narrow side should be equal to the circumference of the base of the cylinder.

Fold the paper in half, but try not to smooth the fold too much, the straighter the better.

On one side, draw a line along the whole paper, and from it the starting lines in the form of thin strips.

For a small product, the areas of the sides from the line in the middle are equal to 5 cm, the stripes are 1.2 cm. In any case, whatever the size of your stand, the lower part to the line should be equal to the height of the cylinder of the base, so that later it can be completely to wrap

Cut all the drawn lines that make up the stripes. You should cut from the side of the fold, that is, thin strips will form long rings.

Glue the sides of the paper together at the bottom.

Glue to the cylinder, applying glue on one of the sides in the same lower part.

Press with your hand from above to bend all the rings outward, spread them out.

The do-it-yourself Easter egg stand is almost ready, cut a long strip from blue cardboard, draw and cut out any flower with leaves.

Glue to the handle, and on the side of it and a flower, with pre-attached leaves. That’s it, the children’s product for Easter is ready.

Easter Egg Stand

Easter Egg Stand

Alternatively, you can do it floral egg holder craft.

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