DIY EVA Foam Heart Magnet

Heart Magnet

On the eve of February 14, many people are thinking about gifts for their loved ones. This tutorial presents a heart magnet for a refrigerator made of EVA foam.

To create it, let’s prepare:

  • red and pink foam;
  • filler;
  • scissors;
  • stapler;
  • twine;
  • double-sided tape;
  • magnetic tape;
  • decorative eyes;
  • black marker.

foam Heart Magnet

Foam Heart Magnet Step by Step

First, let’s decide on the size of the future craft. The template for the heart can be pre-cut from white paper. After that, we apply it to the foam and trace it with a toothpick.

We need to cut 2 identical blanks. For our heart we use textured red foam.

On the wrong side of one of the blanks we will attach the legs and handles, which will be made from pieces of twine. We secure them with double-sided tape.

We place the second red blank on top, after which we begin to connect them with a stapler.

Leave a hole to add filler inside. After this, we finally fasten our craft with a stapler.

Now you need to make blanks for the legs and arms of the heart. We cut out a small piece of the following shape from red foam.

Glue a piece of tape.

Then we secure this blank to the tip of the twine, having first removed the protective layer of double-sided tape.

Using the same principle, we make the rest of the blanks for the arms and legs of the heart.

Heart Magnet

The decoration of our craft will be a small heart cut out of pink foam. Glue a piece of tape on it.

We fix this heart on the front side of the craft.

Heart Magnet

Add decorative eyes. Ours have a self-adhesive base, so we simply remove the protective layer from it. If there is no such base, then double-sided tape will help again.

Heart Magnet

Draw a mouth with a black marker.

Heart Magnet

We glue magnetic tape to the back of the heart.

And in front we fix the handles on a small red heart. The foam heart magnet is ready. This is a great craft for Valentine’s Day.

Heart Magnet

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