DIY Foam Rainbow Hair Clips

Rainbow Hair Clips

A bright foam rainbow hair clips, made by yourself. An original craft for children made from ordinary strips of multi-colored foam.

To create such a hairpin we will take:

  • thin foam of different colors;
  • ruler with toothpick;
  • metal fittings for hairpins;
  • scissors;
  • glue gun.

DIY Foam Rainbow Hair Clips

First, let’s create the base for the hairpin. To do this, we cut out a strip from white foam; its width should correspond to the width of the hairpin, and the length will be slightly longer, since we will bend the ends. Glue this white strip onto the metal fittings.

Then we prepare the stripes to create a rainbow. We decided to use only 5 colors. If the base for your hairpin is larger, then you can take 7 strips of all the colors of the rainbow. In our case, the width of these strips is 1 cm and the length will be 9; 8.5; 8; 7.5 and 7 cm.

We begin to glue these strips onto the base for the hairpin. Take the longest red strip and fix its tip on the left side of the hairpin using a glue gun.

Next, next to a slight offset, glue a yellow strip.

In this way we add the remaining stripes.

Now you need to glue the other ends of the strips together.

Rainbow Hair Clips

After this, we fix them to the base of the hairpin on the right side.

Rainbow Hair Clips

All that remains is to add clouds to our decoration. We cut it out of white foam, having previously drawn it with a toothpick. Then glue it using hot glue. This is how we got the foam rainbow hair clips.

Rainbow Hair Clips

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