DIY Heart Shaped Paper Roses Valentine Wreath

Heart Shaped Paper Roses Valentine Wreath

A heart shaped paper roses Valentine wreath or Mother’s Day. It looks very nice, but the work cannot be called too easy. The craft is more suitable for children of primary school age and older.

Materials used:

  • Thick cardboard for the heart base;
  • Colored paper;
  • Compasses, scissors, glue, simple pencil.

Heart Shaped Paper Roses Valentine Wreath Step by Step

Cut out a heart of any desired size. And a slightly smaller analogue. Use the blanks as a template to prepare the heart base. Trace it on thick cardboard, you can take a packaging box, polystyrene foam, a large heart, and a smaller one inside it. Cut it out. The base can be any color. The main thing is to camouflage it well with roses afterwards. But to be on the safe side, you can cover the base heart with paper of a suitable color.

How to Make Roses From Colored Paper?

Draw a circle. Its size depends on the width of the base heart. But you also need to take into account the fact that when you roll a rose, it decreases in size.

On this circle, draw a spiral, starting from the edge and going all the way to the middle.

Cut out the spiral.

Using a toothpick, twist the spiral, starting from the tip. Then you can finish it with your hands.

Once you wrap towards the center, loosen the spiral a little so that it unfurls and becomes shaped like a rose. Apply glue to the bottom of the rose and glue it to the center. Press the rose into the center of the spiral with your fingers and hold for a while until the glue hardens. I used a glue stick, but children will find it easier to work with white glue.

This is a simple version of a rose, but you can complicate the task and cut wavy lines along the outside of the spiral.

Thanks to these actions, the rose will be even more beautiful, although the work itself is harder for children.

Screw on many roses, as many as needed to fill the heart of the base. If desired, the heart can be cut wider and roses can be glued in 2-3 rows. Of course, this will require a lot of patience and perseverance.

Heart Shaped Paper Roses Valentine Wreath

Glue the flowers to the base, attach a loop of braid, paper, pipe cleaner, lace or thread on top. That’s it, the heart shaped paper roses Valentine wreath is ready.

Heart Shaped Paper Roses Valentine Wreath

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