Dragon Toothless Papercraft for Kids

Toothless Papercraft

This wonderful dragon Toothless papercraft consists of simple parts – a cone body and a head with wings and paws, to which a template is presented.

There are many ways to make such a dragon, but most often these are complex origami and designs. The same craft is ideal for children, they will love the process of creating Toothless and the interesting toy itself.

You will need the following materials:

  • Double-sided black cardboard;
  • Yellow cardboard or paper;
  • Black felt-tip pen and white gouache (any other paint or special pens for drawing on a black background). You can also apply a corrector or a stationery stroke;
  • A simple pencil, scissors, glue stick, compasses.

How to Make Dragon Toothless Papercraft?

Dragon Body

A cone acts as a body. Next, draw a circle with a compass, divide it into 4 parts and take one of them for work. As an option, circle only the corner of the black cardboard with a compass, adjusting the desired height. Cut out the desired part.

Roll into a cone and seal the edges with glue. The body is ready.

Preparing the remaining parts of Dragon Toothless Papercraft

Using the template, prepare the following dragon parts:

  • Black head made of cardboard. You can print another option on the Internet or the children will want to draw this character themselves;
  • Black wings as a single whole. They can also be made of black paper, not necessarily cardboard;
  • Two black paws;
  • Yellow oval eyes. In the middle you need to draw small black pupils.

Glue the eyes on the head and add some white accents in the form of dots and stripes on the wings, head, paws. This can be done with a thin brush or toothpick, dipping them in white gouache or other paint. As an option – draw with a clerical proofreader. In extreme cases, if none of the above is available, you can at least make nostrils by cutting off and gluing small pieces of white paper at the bottom of the head.

Toothless Papercraft

Final stage

Glue the head to the top of the cone. Attach wings to the back. Glue the paws on the front of the cone itself, and then slightly bend them up at the top. Everything, dragon Toothless papercraft is ready. If anyone does not know this character, I inform you that Toothless is the Dragon Night Fury from the cartoon How to Train Your Dragon.

Dragon Toothless Papercraft

Dragon Toothless

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