Easter Bunny Card Template

Easter Bunny Card Template

To your attention is a Easter bunny card template. The postcard is interesting, includes coloring and application. The head with ears is voluminous.

Materials for work:

  • Postcard template;
  • A simple pencil, glue, scissors;
  • Color markers;
  • White paper.

Easter Bunny Card Template: Instructions

Print the template. If there is no printer, it is absolutely not difficult to redraw a postcard. These are straight lines in the head area and long ears. As well as postcard-based ovals and a simple bunny body.
Cut along the outline.

Young children can cut out such blanks in advance, and then they can easily cope with coloring and a voluminous head.

Color the Easter eggs, background, clearing at your own discretion. The background is best painted not with a felt-tip pen, but with a pencil. Thanks to the pale background, the rest of the details will become more distinct and brighter. On the back of the bunny’s ears, display, as it were, their inner part in a different color. These are the same elongated ears, only smaller. As a rule, they are painted over with a pink or red tint.

Easter Bunny Card Template
Fold the long rectangle into a square to make the bunny’s head. Secure this position with glue.

Easter Bunny Card Template

Glue the head to the body, it can be a little oblique, wrap the ears down with a pencil without sharp edges.

Easter Bunny Card Template

Creative work is ready. And thanks to the fact that there is an Easter card template, it is absolutely not difficult to make it. By applying their personal vision in the color range, children can make their card unique and different from other works.

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