DIY Easter Cards — TOP Bright and Easy Cards for Kids

Easter Cards

Here are 3d Easter cards that kids can make with their own hands. All presented options are available step by step on the website.

Follow the links to view the photo instructions.

Easter cards for Kids

Easter Сard with a Chick Hatched from an Egg

Easter Сard with a Chicken Hatched from an Egg

A bright and beautiful postcard is not at all difficult to create. The main thing is to correctly make a cover with 3 stands on which the chicken and two halves of the egg shell will be attached. Stock up on catchy colors of colored cardboard and paper and go ahead to the most interesting creativity!

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DIY Easter Card for Kids

DIY Easter Card

There is also a chicken and its shell. But also beautiful flowers. The principle of creation is the same as the previous one, that is, creating stands for the chick and flowers. The technique is simple, but the result is interesting. The card will open and close, bringing all the interior objects and characters forward.

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Easter Chick Card

Easter Chick Card

And again the main character and decoration of the postcard is a chicken. This time it is three-dimensional, consisting of several circles of paper glued together into a single whole. The work is ideal for preschool children, as it is not at all difficult, but at the same time interesting, beautiful and educational.

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Pop Up Chick Card for Kids

Pop Up Chick Card for Kids

Continuing the theme of chickens, as you can see, they are popular in Easter cards. Probably because the most relevant, funny, in bright yellow colors. The postcard represents a clearing with flowers and grass in which a funny, bug-eyed chick is hiding.

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3D Easter Egg Card

3D Easter Egg Card

Tired of chickens? Make a card with an egg, but not something flat and dull, but voluminous, bright and colorful. The advantage of this option is the ease of creation; the main effort is working with scissors, since you will have to cut out 8 paper eggs of different sizes.

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Easter Bunny Card Template

Easter Bunny Card Template

A good option for creative work for children, as it consists of applique and coloring. There is a ready-made template.

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Easy Bunny Cards

Easy Bunny Cards

In this tutorial there are two options for what Easter cards for children can be. One bunny with a carrot, and the second with a pompom nose. Both are interesting, although not difficult.

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Easter Bunny With a Carrot Card

Easter Bunny With a Carrot Card

An original postcard with a hare holding a carrot in its paws. The trick is that the double carrot opens up so you can write congratulations in the middle.

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These are the kind of Easter cards you can make with your own hands, spend your leisure time interestingly, and please your loved ones with attention.

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