Easter Chick Card for Kids

Easter Chick Card

An Easter chick card for kids is very easy. Children will easily cope with the work and will delight their household members with such a funny and cute gift.

Materials used:

  • Blue cardboard;
  • Colored paper in yellow, green and orange shades;
  • Compasses, scissors, glue stick, marker, pencil.

The 3d chicken is made of colored paper, but you can also use only cardboard.

Easter Chick Card Step by Step


For the cover you will need rectangular blue cardboard. Also at this stage, cut a thin strip from green paper or cardboard, the length of which is equal to the width of the cover, that is, the blue section. It’s okay if the green stripe is a little longer; you can cut off the excess later.

Fold the blue cardboard in half, and make sharp uneven peaks on the wide side of the green stripe, imitating grass.

Glue the grass to the bottom of the cover.

Easter Chick Card

Making a Paper Chicken

Our chicken will be in a 3D version, round and plump. To do this, cut out 8-9 circles from yellow paper. Be sure to match the size of the circles with the cover. The circle should fit on it, be slightly higher than the grass and leave some area on top. You can use a compass on the cover to measure the required diameter.

Fold all the circles in half. Cut a small triangle from the orange paper, this will be the chicken’s beak.

Glue the halves of 4 circles together, then glue the beak on the side.

And only after that add the remaining circles. Using a felt-tip pen, draw two eyes on both sides of the semicircle, not far from the beak. The 3d body of the chicken is ready.

Easter Chick Card

Glue it in the middle of the card. Make sure that the fold of the cover coincides with the center of the chicken. Thanks to this, the card will open and close well.

Easter Chick Card

Cut out two small hearts from orange paper that will be the paws. Draw and cut out two wings at once. They can be different, perhaps children will want to show their imagination and come up with their own version of wings for the chicken.

Glue the wings and paws, draw straight lines to the paws. That’s it, the Easter chick card is ready. It can be signed on the outside or inside, or decorate the outside of the cover.

Easter Chick Card

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