Easter Crafts for Kids — Lots of Crafty Ideas

Easter Crafts for Kids

Very soon Easter crafts will be relevant. I present to you a selection of various ideas, interesting Easter crafts that you can do with children.

This review is a collection of works with links to tutorial that are on the site. Dare, create, introduce children to creativity.

Interesting Easter Crafts for Kids

Paper Roll Chick Craft

Paper Roll Chick Craft

A fun craft for preschoolers and easy for older kids. The chicken consists of two different-sized rolls glued together, with the addition of simple parts: beak, wings and paws. For extra fun, a ponytail with a bow is attached to the top. By the way, if you make the chicken larger, an egg can fit in its lower roll, and not necessarily a real one, but, for example, a plastic one with candies, a kinder surprise.

Interested in this Easter craft? Her tutorial in the review — Paper Roll Chick Craft

Easter Bunny Egg Holder

Easter Bunny Egg Holder

These cute bunnies are a kind of basket or egg stand. The craft looks funny, the bunnies seem to be holding the egg tightly, with all their paws. The advantage of this Easter craft is that it comes with a template that can be used to make many bunnies of different sizes and colors.

More details on the link – Easter Bunny Egg Holder

Paper Hen and Chick Craft

Craft – cutting. All characters are created using a template. And it won’t be tooDIY Easter Egg Stand Craft difficult to make grass. Children, without much effort and time, can make a whole family of chickens of different colors, with a hen at the head.

Template and step-by-step execution in the article — Paper Hen and Chick Craft

DIY Easter Egg Stand Craft

Easter Egg Stand

A beautiful and bright craft that is not at all difficult to make. For smaller children, you can draw lines for cutting in advance, but older children can easily cope with the task themselves. Depending on the size, the craft can be a spacious basket for sweets and several eggs, or a beautiful stand for one egg.

Watch step by step how to make an DIY Easter Egg Stand Craft

A Simple Easter Paper Hen

Easter Paper Hen

Incredibly simple Easter craft. It is based on a triangle of paper folded into a cone, with freely hanging paw corners. You can experiment with the color of the chickens and the size. And thanks to the difference in combs and earrings, instead of a hen you can get a cockerel or chicken.

Master class on the link — A Simple Easter Paper Hen

Toilet Paper Roll Chicken

Toilet Paper Roll Chicken

One of the easiest Easter crafts. After all, the body, which is a roll, is already ready. All that remains is to cover it with yellow paper, or, as an option, paint it over it. And prepare small details in the form of a beak, wings, eyes and paws.

Interested in the job? More details in the review — Toilet Paper Roll Chicken

Floral Egg Holder Craft

Egg Holder

Another roll work, as well as another egg holder in the shape of a flower. It’s also a very easy craft to make and can be incredibly beautiful. Experiments with flower color and shape are encouraged. You can find many different types of flowers on the Internet, but children can draw their own version, even if it is in the form of a simple circle.

Instructions in the article: Floral Egg Holder Craft

Easter Crafts for Kids: Origami Chicken

Origami Chicken

It’s easy and simple to make an origami chicken, you will need no more than 7 simple steps. Bright or decorative colored paper with a pattern or design will add originality to the craft.

A simple tutorial on Origami Chicken

Paper Plate Chick Craft

Paper Plate Chick Craft

Another Easter craft made from waste material. This time it’s not a glass, but a plastic plate. Its half is cut in such a way that uneven sharp edges are obtained, imitating chips from the shell. This shell is then glued to a chicken pre-cut out of cardboard. By the way, such work can be not only a craft, but also an collage. To do this, the chicken needs to be glued to the cardboard, at any stage of the work.

Read more — Paper Plate Chick Craft

How to Make a Paper Basket

How to Make a Paper Basket

Lightweight paper basket with step-by-step instructions and template. An interesting version of a cardboard basket.

The tutorial of this beautiful basket is presented under the title — How to Make a Paper Basket

Origami Basket Easy

Origami Basket

Prepare colored paper of different colors to make such a bright basket decorated with flowers.

Read more: Origami Basket Easy

Paper Easter Egg Wreath

Paper Easter Egg Wreath

An interesting craft for Easter, and it can be not only individual work, but also a group one. Each child from the group or class makes a separate egg out of paper and decorates it at his own discretion. And then all the work is glued onto a ring made of thick cardboard to make a bright and beautiful Easter wreath.

The idea can be found at the link — Paper Easter Egg Wreath

Easter Decoration Ideas

Easter Decoration Ideas

To work you will need colored paper, a kebab stick, scissors and a marker. The main thing is to fold the body of the accordion and attach a stick to it, and the rest of the details are easy to make, especially since there is a ready-made template to help.

Step by step work: Easter Decoration Ideas

Rooster Craft with Paper Strips

Rooster Craft

Thin strips of paper make a very beautiful and bright rooster — an excellent Easter crafts, useful creativity for children, and holiday table decoration. The main thing is to glue all the stripes correctly, and then add the beak, wings, earrings and eyes.

More details: Rooster Craft with Paper Strips

Toilet Paper Roll Rooster

Toilet Paper Roll Rooster

A gorgeous rooster made from a roll, bright and not at all complicated. Follow the step-by-step instructions to make a paper rooster like this.

More details: Toilet Paper Roll Rooster

Easter Crafts for Kids — Origami Rooster

Origami Rooster

Easy origami rooster for kids with step by step photo tutorial. All activities are easy, accessible for preschool children.

More details: Origami Rooster

Accordion Paper Bunny Craft

accordion paper bunny

Two long strips of paper, glued in a certain order, make very cute bunnies, which are also Easter crafts. You can draw the head based on your own imagination, or print any template online.

See more photo instructions for Accordion Paper Bunny Craft

Paper Rosette Bunny Craft

Paper Rosette Bunny

I offer another option for crafts — a paper rosette bunny. This is an excellent creative activity for children, decorating a room for themed events, Easter.

More details: Paper Rosette Bunny Craft

Paper Rosette Bird Craft

Paper Rosette Bird Craft

An paper rosette bird is a great craft for children, which can be part of a composition, collage, decoration. The basis is a paper rosette, popular in paper art.

Read more: Paper Rosette Bird Craft

Origami Hare for Kids

Origami Hare

Children can quickly and easily make these bright, wonderful bunnies for Easter. You will need a minimum of materials and time, and the result is always excellent.

Read more: Origami Hare for Kids

Accordion Paper Sheep Craft

Accordion Paper Sheep

In addition to rabbits, chicks, hens and cockerels, the symbol of Easter is also a sheep or lamb. The basis of this sheep, just like the bunnies, is a paper accordion, and separate paws and a muzzle.

Step-by-step review at the link — Accordion Paper Sheep Craft

Paper Sheep

Paper sheep

An interesting version of a sheep made of white paper. An easy animal craft that can also be an Easter craft.

Read more: Paper Sheep

Bunny Craft for Kids

Bunny Craft

The technique is the same as for chicken from rolls. This means the Easter craft is also very easy. The complementary elements are the ears and muzzle, which are the easiest part of the job.

The craft can be found in the review called – Bunny Craft for Kids

Paper Strips Bunny Craft

Paper Strip Bunny

Another Easter craft made from thin strips of paper, which will later become balls. The work is useful, interesting, ideal for children. Small children can work with even three strips that are not very thick. Older children will have fun experimenting with thinner stripes and more of them.

Step-by-step review via the link — Paper Strips Bunny Craft

Easy Paper Bunny Craft

Paper Bunny

A voluminous hare whose body consists of several circles of paper, where the color of the circles alternates from white to blue. A good animal idea for kids to take for Easter.

Read more: Easy Paper Bunny Craft

Easter Eggs Animals

Easter Eggs Animals

A wonderful craft and activity for kids. The main advantage is the ease of creation, and the end result is a funny character made with your own hands. All components of the animal consist of 4-5 paper parts, and the simplest ones. There is also no hassle with eggs, as even uncolored ones, both yellow and white, will do.

See a step-by-step overview of ideas — Easter Eggs Animals

Easter Crafts for Kids — Pom Pom Chicken

Pom pom Chicken

From woolen or synthetic knitting threads, as well as an ordinary table fork, you can make a fluffy chicken with your own hands. This is a fun Easter craft, an interesting toy or keychain all in one.

Step-by-step tutorial on the link — Pom Pom Chicken

Popsicle Stick Easter Craft Idea

Popsicle Stick Easter Craft

A bright Easter craft made from popsicle sticks and corrugated cardboard is presented in this master class. The entire step-by-step process is demonstrated in photographs.

Read more: Popsicle Stick Easter Craft Idea

Easter Basket Made of Paper Plate and Cardboard

Easter Basket Made of Paper Plate

We will make the basis of this craft presented in this tutorial from a paper plate. But if desired, it can be made from cardboard of the appropriate color. You’ll make an excellent Easter basket made from a paper plate and cardboard — an option for crafts made from waste materials for Easter.

Read more: Easter Basket Made of Paper Plate and Cardboard

Quilling Chicken

Quilling Chicken

This tutorial presents a quilling chicken with a nest, with step-by-step photos and instructions. Simple shapes, creative work for kids and beginners.

Read more: Quilling Chicken

Sheep Quilling for Kids

Sheep Quilling

For many kids crafts, colored paper is used. But it is no less interesting to craft from paper strips. Such creativity is called quilling. This tutorial presents a sheep quilling made of white and black paper stripes.

Read more: Sheep Quilling for Kids

Origami Rabbit for Kids

Origami Rabbit for Kids

A simple origami rabbit for kids. In fact, it is a rabbit’s head that even small kids can make. Follow this step-by-step illustrated instruction to make these colorful rabbits as we approach Easter and at any other time to develop logic, creative potential, thinking abilities, and hand fine motor skills. The craft will enlarge your origami animals collection.

Read more: Origami Rabbit for Kids

Easter crafts for Kids do not end there, as later the selection will be replenished with new interesting ideas.

There are not many bunny. There are even more of them in the selection — Bunny Crafts for Kids.

Bunny Crafts for Kids

Also see interesting DIY ideas for Easter Cards.

Easter Cards

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