Easter Decoration Ideas — Accordion Paper Bunny and Sheep

Easter Decoration Ideas

An excellent Easter decoration ideas in the form of a bunny and a sheep made of paper with an accordion, which are attached to a kebab stick.

The stick can be stuck in a pot of flowers, decorate Easter cake, a basket with Easter gifts.

The work used:

  • Double-sided colored paper and cardboard;
  • Barbecue sticks;
  • Hole puncher;
  • A simple pencil, scissors, glue, a black felt-tip pen.

Easter Decoration Ideas Step by Step

Previously, we already made a lot of crafts for Easter, including accordion paper bunnies and an accordion sheep. This is a slightly different option, closer to it is a round paper rosette bunny.

This craft is also a great option for kids, but young kids may need help to poke a hole through the whole harmonica.

Use a template or draw a long oval yourself. It should be borne in mind that subsequently there will be folds on its area and the length will decrease. Therefore, initially the oval should be somewhat elongated.

Cut out two ovals from colored paper and the heads of a sheep and a hare, preferably from cardboard.

Fold the paper oval into a crease, starting from the bottom. The smaller the size of the oval, the narrower the fold. Bend a small strip up, turn the oval over to the other side and bend up the pleat again, the width of the previous one.

Turn the whole oval into an accordion.

Easter Decoration Ideas

Fold the pleats and press them down. Make a small hole in the center with a hole punch. It should not be very large, as the kebab stick will slide off.

Pass the stick through the hole, straighten the folds, turning into a circle that looks like an egg. Draw the character’s head and glue it on top. You can use double sided tape instead of glue.

Easter decoration in the form of a hare and a sheep is ready.

Easter Decoration Ideas

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