Easy Bunny Cards — 2 ideas for Kids Step by Step

Easy Bunny Cards

Do-it-yourself easy bunny cards. Two options for crafts that preschool children can handle. Cards can be made on the eve of Easter.

For work you will need:

  • Colored cardboard for the base of the postcard;
  • Colored paper for decoration;
  • Glue, scissors, simple pencil, black felt-tip pen;
  • Small pom-poms;
  • Plastic moving eyes.

Easy Bunny Cards Step by Step

1st version of the card for Easter

A very simple bunny, which children do not need to make special skills, efforts, time.

Prepare a rectangular cardboard base (of course, the shape, like the color, can be any other).

Cut out two oblong ears and glue them at the top. To give volume, apply glue only at the bottom. The top one will be in a free state, not glued to the cardboard.

Cut out a semi-oval and glue it on the ears. Its dimensions should be correlated with the size of the base cardboard, and occupy half the area.

Finish the job

  • Glue any eyes (in this version – adhesive roll eyes, but you can glue plastic ones, cut them out of paper, draw with felt-tip pens);
  • Draw a muzzle;
  • Add a pom-pom spout;
  • Cut out an analogue of the ears, only a little smaller and glue them on the ears.

Easy Bunny Cards

2nd version of the card with bunny

This bunny is also very easy to make. But in addition to it comes a carrot, in the middle of which you can write a congratulation.

Prepare a cardboard base of any desired shape. Colors can be different, but Easter craft looks best on sunny, joyful shades.

Cut out simple bunny details from colored paper:

  • Round head;
  • Semicircle for the body;
  • Two oblong ears;
  • Small ovals that will be paws.

Easy Bunny Cards

Glue the body to the cardboard at the bottom.

Add ears, one of which is bent down, pom-pom nose, eyes, draw a muzzle.

Easy Bunny Cards

Fold the orange paper in half and cut out the carrot without cutting the fold. You will also need green tops.

Glue the carrot, and on top also the paws.

Easy Bunny Cards

In the middle of a double carrot, write a short congratulation. Everything, the work is finished.

These are the cards you can make with bunnies, bright, cute and incredibly simple, a great option for children.

Easy Bunny Cards

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