Easy Felt Flower

Easy Felt Flower

When working with felt, you can use both threads with a needle and a glue gun. In this tutorial, we will show you how to sew a easy felt flower. In the future, it can become part of any decoration.

To make such a flower, we will prepare:

  • yellow and green felt;
  • red bead;
  • scissors;
  • thread with a needle.

Easy Felt Flower Step by Step

First, prepare the petals for the future flower. They will be round. We draw a small circle (about 3 cm) on the yellow felt, and then cut it out with scissors.

The following circles can be cut out according to the first one, put it on the felt and immediately cut out a round blank. In this way we prepare 5 circles, they will be the petals of our flower.

Then you can start assembling. To do this, take a yellow thread with a needle and make the first stitch in a yellow round blank.

Then we make another stitch.

After that, add the second circle.

In this way, we string all 5 petals on a thread.

Easy Felt Flower

After that, we tighten them into a circle, and fasten the thread on the back side, but do not cut it yet.

Easy Felt Flower

We will make the middle of the flower from a red bead, fix it with a thread and a needle.

Easy Felt Flower

It remains to make a leaf. For him, we prepared a rectangle cut out of green felt. Its size is 2×3 cm.

Cut out a leaf with scissors.

Again we will use the needle and the same thread (we did not cut it). We perform a couple of stitches on the base of the leaf.

Then we fix it from the bottom side. Easy felt flower is ready.

Easy Felt Flower

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