Easy Flowers from Glitter Foam Sheet

Easy Flowers from Glitter Foam

You can create flowers of varying complexity from foam. We’ll show you how to make easy flowers from glitter foam sheet. All the steps to create them are given in this tutorial.

To make these flowers we will prepare:

  • blue glitter foam;
  • floral wire and ribbon;
  • scissors;
  • iron;
  • glue gun;
  • pencil;
  • white beads.

Easy Flowers from Glitter Foam Step by Step

The blanks for the flowers will be squares cut from glitter foam. In our case, the flowers will be small, so we prepare a square with a side of 3 cm.

It requires making 4 cuts from the corners, which will not reach the center.

Next we will use a simple pencil. We use it to pierce this workpiece in the center (we make the puncture from the shiny side).

Now we need an iron, let’s heat it up. Carefully place the blank on a pencil to it. We wait until the edges of our blue square curl up.

After this, remove the blank from the pencil, carefully straighten the petals with your fingers, and at the same time make a small depression in the center.

Let’s make several of these blanks for future flowers.

Easy Flowers from Glitter Foam

We cut the long floral wire into 3 parts. Take one of the segments and insert it into the center of the blue flower.

Attach a white bead to the tip of the wire with hot glue.

After this, we advance the bead and additionally secure it on the flower itself.

Easy Flowers from Glitter Foam

We do the same with other colors.

Easy Flowers from Glitter Foam

All that remains is to use floral tape. We wind it around the wire, forming a stem.

Easy flowers from glitter foam sheet are ready. They turned out bright, beautiful, shiny.

Easy Flowers from Glitter Foam

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