Easy Origami Mouse for Kids

Easy Origami Mouse

The easiest option, which can be an easy origami mouse for kids and beginners. The scheme consists of 6 actions, in which one is simpler than the other.

Get ready for work:

  • Colored paper of a suitable color. You can use double-sided, since the color of the reverse side does not matter;
  • Black felt-tip pen (optional white marker or corrector). Mouse eyes can be cut out of white paper.

Easy Origami Mouse Step by Step

Prepare square paper. Size – optional, depending on what size you need a mouse.

Fold opposite corners of the square to make a triangle.

Then open and connect the other two corners.

Open again, in the middle there should be two cross folds, thanks to which it is much easier to fold parts of the part in the future.

Fold the paper into a triangle, fold the right corner to the left, the fold should not coincide with the central one, see photo.

Easy Origami Mouse

Bend the same corner back, and you should get a small fold. It turned out an origami mouse ear.

Easy Origami Mouse

Bend the bottom corner back, aligning with the bottom of the ear.

Easy Origami Mouse

Circle the tip in front with a felt-tip pen to make a nose, draw a mustache and an eye. Easy origami mouse for kids and beginners is ready. If desired, it can be supplemented with a long paper tail made from a thin strip of paper and twisted with a pencil. Also, the antennae themselves look beautiful in volumetric form, for which you can also glue three thin strips on both sides of the craft.

Easy Origami Mouse

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